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Neopets NC Mall Fortune Cookies: More Than Just Nuggets of Widsom



I have been actively gaming at Neopets for over eight years. When the NC Mall opened it was a big event but not everyone was excited. Some items sold there were not a permanent purchase so once the timeframe expired you had to purchase it again. They have changed that and now things remain a permanent purchase however there are items that are one-time-use like food.

The newest item to hit the NC Mall is the Fortune Cookie. What are you going to find inside it? It depends on the type of cookie that you purchase. Some will have items while others will offer special features. Since this is a new part of the site it is something that is going to be expanded and tested to see if there is an appeal for it. I am sure that those with a Lab Ray will spend the 125NC for a chance to get their dream pet.

What is the NC Mall? It is a section of the Neopets website that offers items that are not sold in shops. These items must be purchased with Neocash and are not to be sold for Neopoints however they can be traded. Visit the NC Mall board at the site if you are new to trading to get helpful hints from experienced members.

Where can you find the Fortune Cookies? They are listed in the NC Mall or you can go directly to Noda’s page here:

The prices on the Fortune Cookies vary but there is a limited quantity of them so if you want one for a gallery item, you aren’t going to want to drag your feet. Right now where are only two for sale, “Starry NC Cookie” for 250NC and “Lab Ray Cookie” for 125NC. You will also be able to see the number left; it seems like it is updated about once an hour so you are going to want to get the rarer ones before everyone else does.

What are the benefits of buying a Fortune Cookie? Each one has a different perk to it. The Lab Ray Cookie allows you to use the Lab Ray more than once a day but the extra zaps have to be used within one week once you open it. You do need to have the Secret Lab Map and access to the Ray in order to use the extra attempts to change your Neopet.

In order to make a purchase at the NC Mall you need to have Neocash. That is the only currency that is used in the mall. To get Neocash you can purchase Neocash Cards or buy it online at the site. The benefits to getting the Neocash Card is that you get bonus items as well as gift boxes that you can use to send items to Neofriends. Please read the rules about Neocash before you purchase as it is not refundable. The conversation is simple, 1NC is the equivalent to one cent so 100NC is equal to $1.00.

I am satisfied with one zap per day; if they have special cookies for Halloween or Haunted Woods then I will buy them for my gallery. I like that some of the cookies give you an item for yourself as well as one to send to a Neofriend but you are going to have to read all of the details about them as some of them have restrictions.

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