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Med Spa- Danger Signal?



There’s nothing like a nice long massage where the masseur employs his inimitable skills to provide a well deserved relaxation to the muscles that are tired working out all day along.

The physical and mental exertion that we all face each day takes such a heavy toll that it impacts health in more ways than one which is why you need to hit the med spa on a regular basis.

There are many things that can be written about spa but it is difficult to begin with such a topic despite it being no rocket science and based on the title above, many readers would have guessed that whether this writing is about the dangers of spa and advising people to stay away from it but let’s see how this story unfolds.

Beauty Tips

We all know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but one can always visit the local spa in the vicinity to get rid of wrinkles and dark heads on the face because they act as a deterrent to our looks and one can give the face a glow irrespective of skin color and we are going to discuss about that here.

It doesn’t matter whether you are dark and fair because both have their own unique feel about them without making one superior/inferior to the other in any manner and those that draw such futile comparisons need to grow up.

Now the perennial question is whether a med spa is good or bad for you because there are many rumors circulating around it that it is bad for the skin and leads to various ailments and skin deficiencies.

Med spas have many procedures like Botox, Laser, Facial and many others where they make many promises to customers on a large scale and it is well known that many of them have gone disastrously wrong numerous times.

Everyone must have heard of a film star going under the knife or surgically removing certain parts and enhancing features in order to look good in front of the camera thereby having a longer shelf life as a star.

But the problem is that their post surgery features have been awful that has resulted in them losing their fan base where when you see before and after photos of the person you’ll find that they looked excellent in the former.

Caution First

Keeping all that in mind, it doesn’t mean that medical spas have to be boycotted but they should not be completely relied upon for skin treatment as almost 60% of the spas out there are illegally operating without license as mentioned by the American Med Spa Association.

They claim to remove wrinkles and dark circles through both surgical and non-surgical means and even though they might succeed, it is going to have drastic side effects on your skin thereby leaving it vulnerable to UV rays other skin related ailments.

US is notorious for hiring doctors that have just cleared their MBBS and have just begun practicing where they do more damage to the patient through their inexperience.

You need to research thoroughly online about genuine med spas and proceed with great caution rather than go to any random click site and book an appointment with any local quack.

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