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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy



Most domesticated cats live indoors and have never known the adventures of outdoor living. However, their instinct gives them a burning desire to want to be outside. Of course, cat owners who decide to keep their fuzzy felines inside need to help them stay satisfied to calm that natural want of becoming the neighborhood prowler.

You’ve Got a Friend

Many people believe cats don’t get lonely. They think all cats are like stone and don’t want to be around people or other animals. This simply isn’t true. Cats are sociable animals that need contact. Yes, cats are more independent than dogs, but they crave attention too. They just may need it in different ways.

Consider adding another cat to your household. Do your homework with this before jumping to get another cat. The established cat usually takes in kittens, but don’t be afraid to get an adult cat. This is where extra care and homework should be done before bringing a new cat home. Go to reputable cat adoption places that may know some of the new cat’s background. Some great places are the Humane Society, the SPCA and Pet’s Mart.

But no matter where or how you get a new friend for your cat, be patient. It takes an adjustment period for the cats to get to know one another, and you have to patient with both cats. Properly executed, both cats will have new best friends!


Cats are perceived as not wanting to play. Simply untrue! Cats love to play whether it’s by themselves, with other pets or with their owners. It is important to set aside time to play with your cat. It gives your cat a special connection with you, and it helps your cat take out healthy aggression on a toy instead of your or your belongings. Also, play assists in keeping your indoor cat fit and improves cardiovascular and digestive health.

Each cat is different and likes to play in its own way. Again, be patient and find what works best for you and your feline.

All You Need is Love

Keeping in mind cats aren’t as self-sufficient as you many think, remember to give your little feline lots a love and attention. If your cat meets you at the door at night, give her extra kudos for doing so. If your cat paws and paws at you while you’re busy doing something, stop for a few minutes, and give her some petting time. Your cat needs you to love her just as much as you want to be loved by her. Giving that extra love makes your cat want to stay inside with you.

Indoor cats can be as happy as outdoor cats, and in many cases, are much happier than outdoor cats. Your cat may not agree with this, but remember, your indoor tiger has never had to battle the harshness of outdoor living. Sure he may miss out on exploring new areas, but also, he is spared the cruelties of wild animals and sadistic humans.

It would help them in becoming more domestic in nature and won’t need to worry about the problems of the outside world that many of their counterparts have the misfortune of experiencing which is an excellent way to keep them happy and you can read more about it by looking up articles online and click to read more about it.

So, do whatever it takes to keep your indoor feline prince or princess happy and adjusted, and you’ll both have a long and loving relationship. After all, cats are family too!

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