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Idle Heroes- Monsters for Making Warriors



Villains are always an important part of a story as they are considered the backbone of any plot to keep it going right to the end until he is vanquished by the hero after getting soundly thrashed into mincemeat.

Would the world really need heroes if there were no villains because what is the relevance of a hero if he doesn’t have a villain to do all the dirty work and he would jump in to prevent him from fulfilling his evil designs and it is his job to rescue the damsel in distress and save the day.

Be it in real life or reel life, both heroes and villains have a huge responsibility on their shoulders where the former does things for good and the latter does it because he is inherently bad and doesn’t make excuses for his evil.


In order to understand the hero-villain concept better, we have to take a tour of the virtual world of fiction and entertainment where there are numerous characters waiting to be discovered through numerous games like Idle Heroes, a classic tale of good Vs evil.

This is something that needs to be looked into because we are in dire need of a good story that would remind us of the bygone era of classic movies and video games where both hero and villain had a meaty role without any one of them hogging the entire limelight.

Idle Heroes is a game that was launched worldwide on 11th June 2016, which means that as of today it has completed 4 years and that is no mean achievement considering how most of the new games don’t last more than a few months.

What makes this game standout is that it doesn’t have just one but different type of heroes and monsters (villain prototype) that have their own story in the game that you can find out as the levels progress but this one is surely going to be an interesting tussle when they collide amongst each other.


Let us take a look at some important monsters of Idle Heroes as they merit an article of their own for if it weren’t for them, who would the so called idle heroes fight and attain their iconic status?

When it comes to monsters, there is a separate guide specially dedicated to them where their invincible portrayal and villainous tactics are given with details but we shall focus on a few points.

  1. Wolf- As the name suggests, this monster has animalistic tendencies whose wolfish characters make him stand out among others that can only be activated by achieving 250 monster souls
  2. Griffin- There are different levels in the game and you can unlock the first monster only after crossing level 60 where griffin comes second after getting 240 monster souls

  1. Deer- He is the perfect idle hero pro as he is a bit softer in his approach with quick reflexes and agile body posture hence the name

It is difficult to mention which one is the best monster because they all are equally important to the story akin to how parents equally love all their children equally.

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