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Have Your Credit Limit Reduced – Know About The Limitations



If you have a low credit score due to a history of non-payments, you may want to ask your bank to reduce your credit limit. This includes both credit cards and lines of credit. Reducing your credit limit may be a good idea if any of the following apply to you:

The best credit repair companies will help you to reduce the limits for credit. The establishing of the limits is the good idea provided to the individuals. The learning of the history is essential for the people through the right credit companies. It is an essential thing that you should know about the limits.

You Can Pay At Least 50% Of Your Debt Load After Readjustment

Reducing your credit limit may be a good idea if after lowering it you only have a 50% debt to credit ratio. For example, if you have a credit limit of $10,000 on your credit card and you reduce it to $5,000, then you should try to leave a balance of no more than $2,500. However, If you owe $5,000 and are unable to pay that off, then having your credit limit reduced may harm you. Alternatively, if you require a large loan and are able to pay your credit card in full, then reducing your credit may help your credit score.

You Have Multiple High Credit Limit Accounts

lf you have multiple credit types such as credit cards, personal lines of credit, retail store charge cards, a mortgage, car loan, personal line of credit, etc, then you may be close to overextending your credit limit. While you may not be able to close these accounts, especially of you have a balance owing on them, reducing your limit might make you eligible for a loan should you need it.

You Have Long Standing Credit Accounts

If you have multiple credit accounts that you have had for many years, then it may be unwise to close them as lenders prefer to see that their potential clients have long-term relationships with their credit accounts. Instead of closing accounts you have had for a long time, reducing the limit may actually make your monthly payments more affordable, and increases your credit score.

You Will Not Be Taking Out A Loan Very Soon

ln the short-term, reducing your credit limits may hurt your credit score because your balances will be a larger percentage of your credit score. However, in the long-term, having accounts with lower credit limits will increase your credit score by making loan repayment easier.

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