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Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Employees



Christmas is a great time to show someone how much you appreciate them. If any one group of people deserve a little “thank you” it is the people who care for the elderly in the nursing home. Nursing home workers have a very demanding job. It takes a very special person to work there. If you are wondering how to let the staff at a nursing home know how much you appreciate them, consider some of the following things.

*Homemade cookies or cake or candy

Most people have a sweet tooth. So, homemade cookies and other sweets are always a good choice when you want to say “thank you”. All you have to do is bake, wrap, and deliver. Innovative and creative door gifts are made available to the purchasers to get the benefit. With the baking information, the knowledge should be sufficient to select the creative gifts. The charges should be less in comparison to the other sites and shops. 

*Inspirational books

Everyone needs a little encouragement and motivation at some time. A small book of inspirational quotes or words can be just the thing for a person who works in a high stress job like a nursing home. They can generally be found in any book store or you can special order them on-line.

*Gift certificates

Gift certificates are always the perfect gift. They are not gender specific, and they eliminate all of the hassle of trying to find that perfect gift. With persons working in the health care setting, you can always give them a gift certificate to a uniform shop or other place where scrubs are sold.


Flowers or other plants also make the perfect “thank you” gift. You don’t have to give each employee a plant. You can simply purchase one big plant and donate it to the nursing home staff. This way the staff and the residents can all enjoy looking at it.


Angels are an important part of the Christmas holiday season. They represent love and peace. Nurses and other health care workers are angels watching over our loved ones. So, why not give them an angel of their own?

*Tote bags

Health care workers often have a lot of different items to tote around like stethoscopes, blood pressure cups, notepads, and books. A tote bag is just the thing to carry those items in. There are several bags out there that saying little cute things about nursing and health care. They can usually be purchased at uniform or novelty shop or you can make the totes yourself.

*Donate to staff Christmas bonus or party

If it is close to Christmas and the facility will be giving a bonus or party, then you can donate some money to help with these. You can donate your gift in honor of your elderly loved one.

*Thank you cards

Thank you cards are a nice and simple way to let the staff know that you appreciate them. You can either give each special employee a thank you card or you can send one to the main office recognizing everyone to the facility.

Working in a nursing home is a very emotionally and physically demanding job. Show those employees who care for your loved one just how much you appreciate them this Christmas with one of the above gifts.

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