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Female Bodybuilding Anabolic Steroid Dosages Are Different To Men



The attitude in the UK regards women’s bodybuilding and steroids seem to be one of secrecy and distrust, not to mention the backbiting and bitching. Very few are willing to share the knowledge they have in you become good, it seems to be native to the UK that most people do not like to see others doing well and want to keep all the glory for themselves.

This is where I had the shock coming back to bodybuilding after 9 years of powerlifting. In powerlifting, knowledge is eagerly given to those that will utilize it and not waste it and everyone shares experience from technique to what to take on the day of the competition. It was like a big family and we all helped each other. I can remember coaching a junior lifter that was one year away from seniors and my weight category – I didn’t worry about the fact that she was really good and was going to give me trouble next year when she moved up, it was just wonderful to watch someone learn and improve in front of your eyes and see her almost in tears at the competition because she had done her best ever squat.

The open and unconditional help I have had since coming back into bodybuilding has been from those of the ‘old school’. Bodybuilders that have been around a long time – I mean 15 years plus on the circuit. These particular people have helped me immensely and I am forever in their debt but why are these guys the main people that really do want to help?

I don’t know when the attitude change happened but I don’t remember it being like this when I was competing in bodybuilding before but there seems to be a new breed that is completely wedged up their own arses and if they spent the same amount of effort training as they do bitching about everyone else maybe we would have more successful bodybuilders on the international circuit. OK – tantrum over.

Anyway – back to the steroids. Obviously, at this stage, I am desperate not to fuck things up any more than I have done and have in fact have reduced my gear intake to the lowest since I started it and I look a hell of a lot better for it.

Unfortunately, I still have a very long way to go and have just started to try growth – but again proper information is hard to find and since there are no controlled studies of GH on people of normal physiology it is hard to find what seems to be the right dosage, right calorific intake, right timing, subcutaneous or intramuscular shot, and the right gear to take with if in fact any?!! I’ll let you know how it goes but I can tell you that I tried a hard and heavy course before the WABBA Worlds to try and get a bit more cut and that worked incredibly well but the dosage was deliberately high – 6iu every day for 10 days before the show. I had already come off the Prima and Virormone before I started the course.

For the off-season, I have been recommended to take 4iu every 3 days so it will be interesting to see the results of the difference in dosage and I verified this information through a Testogen review as well. And no – I’m not using insulin with it because I’m too much of a big girl’s blouse and am too dizzy to make sure I have the routine of my meals etc exact!

I suppose the moral of this is that recently I was approached after doing a guest spot at a show by a figure class girl that wanted to go into the physique. She wanted to look like me (poor girl, she obviously lost her glasses). I found myself telling her that unless she was willing to pay the price it really wasn’t a good idea. I told her about the side effects, the comments that are made by strangers, the stares every time you walk down the street or even set foot outside your own front door. You even get to the stage that when people look at you, you automatically assume they are thinking ‘well she has the face of a girl but the body looks like a man’ when in fact they are about to give you a compliment. It creates paranoia if you aren’t careful.

So, if you or anyone you know wants to get into women’s physique please seek out advice before you try any gear as the price can be too high for some to pay. Find another female that has competed and pick her brains or find a guy that successfully coaches women but one thing you must remember is that it still all comes down to trial and error and individual chemistry. I just don’t want to see others making the same mistakes that I did.

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