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Epsom Salt For Constipation Relief And Health Solution



Epsom salt is a very common and cheap commodity sold in many stores. Although many of you may not be aware it is usually available in big packets lying on the store shelves and comes quite cheap. The ways this salt lies around lazily on the shelves of the many stores considering how cheap it is available to us you may be surprised to learn the many health benefits it offers. In my opinion, it would be foolish not to take advantage of all of us. Epsom salt is a generalized name for this salt which is another name for magnesium sulfate and it was originally extracted from a place called Epsom in England.

This compound is commonly used in agriculture to add magnesium supplement in the soil for the crops which require magnesium in more quantity. For example, it is quite commonly used in crops like potato, tomato, and pepper, etc.

Epsom Salt as Constipation Remedy

One of the useful ways Epsom salt can also be used is as one of the effective laxatives, similarly, there is metrotimes which is another popular choice. While many constipation remedies may require a prescription but Epsom salt can be bought over the counter.

For taking Epsom salt for constipation relief take one teaspoon of this salt and mix in around 100 ml of water. Drink it and soon it should force you to go to the toilet. You can add some lemon or orange juice for taste. Lemon or Orange not only enhances the taste and makes it easier to drink, but it also has another benefit. These citrus fruits also contain Magnesium minerals themselves which are good for constipation and digestive problems. Usually, it will take from 30 mins to a few hours to clear the bowels. If the constipation is not chronic you will get very fast relief but if you suffer from chronic constipation then it will take more time to get relief.

As per many naturalists lack of magnesium is one of the reasons for constipation. Epsom salt solves that problem. You can in fact add little of this salt to the common salt to fulfill the magnesium deficiency. Regular intake of this salt, when added to common salt, will rule out constipation which can happen due to a lack of Magnesium mineral. Magnesium also helps in the absorption of iron from the food which will reduce the chances of Iron supplements which is another known reason for causing of constipation in many people including constipation in pregnant ladies.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is usually used for treating body aches, sprain, and joint pains. Usually, for pain relief, you need to mix around 1% to 2% of salt in warm water and soak the body part in the water for around 15 minutes to half an hour. Doing this absorbs magnesium in the body part. Warm water opens up the pores in the skin and increases the blood flow to the body part which is soaked in it. Any salt dissolves better in warm water and the same happens for Epsom salt also. So the combination of warm water and the Magnesium which is absorbed into the body part soothes the muscles and tissues and provides relief from pain and tiredness. For curing the overall tiredness of the body you can take bath in a bathtub filled with water mixed with Epsom salt. When you take the bath in the tub filled with warm water and salt do not be in a hurry to finish. Take your time and be in relaxed mode. This will give relief to the entire body and all tiredness will be gone once you have finished the bath.

Epsom salt will also clear the skin and help maintain healthy skin. The skin pores open after the bath and also the Magnesium mineral helps in taking out toxins from the muscles and the skin gets fresh. This salt is also used for managing asthma attacks also. Regular use of this salt in bathing also keeps a person younger-looking and full of energy.

Caution on Use of Epsom Salt

Epson salt can pull water from the body into the colon and that is eliminated so you should take lesser quantities and also take a lot of water to prevent dehydration. In some people, it can also cause diarrhea. The best way to have long term solution when using Epsom salt for constipation relief is to take it mixed in common salt as mentioned above. However, it can always be taken once in a while in moderate quantities and you can get the various health benefits that are associated with this natural product.

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