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Cannabusiness Which Sold Colorados First Legal Weed For Sale



The 3D Cannabis Center is well-known.

You might remember that it was part of a media blitz a couple of years ago. This is the first rec shop in Colorado and indeed the country to make the very first legal marijuana transaction. Now, the famous Denver-area retailer is on the market for an impressive $2 million. For that you get a retail permit, grower’s license, grow equipment, intellectual property rights and pretty much anything else you’d need to run such a store. What is Delta 8 THC? The gathering of the information related to the cannabis products is essential for the consumers. The results are long-lasting without any side-effects to the people. Learning about the products and brand is essential to get the desired results in  removing the heath related issues. 

Owner Toni Fox says she has had five walk-ins already, all industry people. She expects it to be sold shortly. Fox isn’t walking away wealthy. 3D started as a dispensary in 2010. Since then, it’s racked up a lot of debt. Fox will have to pay off her creditors and the IRS liability. After that she’s free and clear. Fox says she’ll break even, but knows so many who lost everything in this industry and so feels lucky.

Originally, she was asking $3 million but received no takers. She widened her net, did some networking inside the cannabis industry and lo’ and behold, she was overcome with interest. Since opening they’ve been operating in the red until just last month, when the shops sales skyrocketed to a tidy $3.6 million. That kind of sales figure gets a lot of attention.

The right brand manager could turn 3D into a national brand, says Nick Brait. He’s the CEO of Greene Consulting Group, a Denver-based firm. Brait says expansion is what’s going on these days, and 3D may be swallowed up in this trend. A lot of places that once had one location now have two, three, four, few even five or six stores. Brait says he’s seen smaller places than 3D go for $1 million and they don’t even have the branding potential 3D has.

Fox plans to remain in the business, running the 3D Cannabis Center in Salida, Colorado where her family lives. That is, once the place in Denver is sold off.

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