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Baby Minecraft Animals Officially Announced – Learn about it



Yesterday Notch finally made it official that in the 1.9 update there would be baby minecraft animals added to the game which will work in conjunction with the new breeding mechanic.

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An image of the new animals has been released showing a piglet and a calf, which are tiny versions of the original minecraft animals with a cuter appearance and large heads.

The baby animals announcement has been met with a mixture of responses from the minecraft community, with some players loving the cute and goofy looks of the animals saying they fit with the rest of minecraft generally. Other players have said the baby minecraft animals’ heads are too big and look ridiculous, and little work has gone into the new addition.

More details on how the baby minecraft animals are to function is yet to surface. There is still a possibility that the heads of the baby pigs and baby cows are just placeholders and that a new face will be added to each animal upon release. Additionally, it is not yet known if baby animals come in one size, or if they gradually grow and have a number of different sizes before turning into adult minecraft animals.

Related to the breeding mechanic itself, baby animals will certainly make mass breeding more difficult, with there now being a delay between the breeding “loved mode” process and the animal being born, making harvesting meat more tricky compared to currently. It is not yet known if a baby will be born 100% of the time when breeding is attempted or if there will be a limit to the amount of baby minecraft animals that can come from one set of parents, although general consensus is there will not be a limit just a delay.

It has been stated by notch that new sounds have been made to be used in the game by the baby minecraft animals although it is not yet clear if they will be added in 1.9. Notch has also confirmed that baby animals will not drop loot or give xp, so there will be no reward for killing these cute babies (thank god)!.

With the confirmation of baby minecraft animals in the 1.9 it could be the end for the mod Baby Animals, although time will tell if players still prefer to use this modification or if the official release will be a better system.

A great piece of news that has pleased most minecraft fans, I for one can’t wait to see baby minecraft animals in 1.9!

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