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An Electricians Education Training – What Are The Different Training Programs?



If you’re considering becoming an electrician in the UK you’ll need to know about what to expect of the electrical courses on offer. This article will help to answer some questions about an electrician’s education and training.

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Which qualifications for electrician education and training?

A student would need to reach a reasonable standard of education to be able to enroll and cope with the content of a full electricians’ course. Maths and science are key study subjects for a someone who wants to become an electrician.

Colleges will ask to see proof of your previous qualifications and may also require you to pass an entrance exam. If you’ve already reached a good standard of education you may be able to take the NVQ Level 3 part of your course earlier after some basic training. It would definately be an advantage to gain as much knowledge about electrics and electrical work before starting any training.

What does an electrician education and training involve?

To give an overview, any electrician’s training course will involve learning mathematical formulas and electrical principals as well as studying the wiring and building regulations, and learning practical skills. It would definately help if you have an aptitude in these areas if you want be an electrician.

Which qualifications does a fully qualified electrician need?

A trainee or apprentice electrician would be aiming to achieve NVQ Level 3 in Electrotechnology which leads to City and Guilds 2357 or EAL equivalent towards becoming fully qualified.

Health and Safety forms a large part of an electrician’s education and training as with all construction trades. Good working practices and a knowledge of electrical safety needs to be learnt by anyone training to be an electrician. It also would be beneficial for a qualified electrician to apply for an ECS ID card which holds a record of their competence and qualification levels. This can be a very useful way of proving your qualifications and experience when working on larger sites and is gradually being recognised as an industry standard.

In reality an electrician’s education and training is never really finished as new technology and regulations come along. If you like a challenge and are always willing to adapt and learn new skills then being an electrician may suit you.

Free Ebook Guide- Useful Resources

You’ll find lots more information to help you get started on your path to becoming an electrician in my free ebook guide- ‘How To Become An Electrician’. I give info about electrical qualifications and various suggestions on how you can prepare yourself for training and employment by carrying out your own research and learning as much as you can about the electrical industry before you begin. This careers advice will help you to make decisions about choosing your own path to achieving your full potential as an electrician much quicker.

Be sure to check out the section giving advice on developing your electrical knowledge including links to some useful training videos which deal with electrical theory, installation and principles. These will give you an idea of what’s involved in an electrician’s training, the practical skills that are needed and will also help you get off to a head start to becoming an electrician.

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