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A Brief History Of Bunk Beds



Over the years, bunk beds have become popular option of families for their kid’s bedroom. The reason for this is because there are different advantages of using bunk bed. First, it can certainly explore your kid’s imagination as they can use bunk bed as an imaginary thing or item for them. It could be an airplane, magic carpet, spacecraft and others. Second, bunk bed can also be customized. It could be a sleeping space at night and a play space at day time for your kids. Lastly, most of the bunk bed are affordable and durable at the same time. You can check some of the best bed bunks at Laste elektriauto. But where did bed bunk start?

While there is no exact information about who invented bunk, this piece of furniture can be seen way back in ancient Egypt. Historically, people would sleep on the hard ground with just a little hay as their buffer. This was very uncomfortable for the people of Egypt so they thought of ways on how they can have a better sleeping area. At first, they created frame style beds using wood and other materials such as feather or cotton. This furniture was intended for elite people already but over time, it became a normal concept for everyone.

Bunk beds became popular when it was used in military to accommodate all the soldiers and to provide them sleep space. From this instance, bunk beds became popular as well for household and it was featured on a popular television show way back in 1990s. As a result, bunk beds became normal I some households and up to this day, bunk beds are one of the bedroom furniture that families consider. Not only it maximizes the space but it looks practical as well

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